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GRAB ethno village and camp

First of all, we are lovers and respecters of nature, having over 25 years experience in this job. We are not only a team of highly experienced enthusiasts, but also highly trained professionals with fully licensed rafting and kayak instructors as well as hiking guides for all who seek a sense of adventure through a variety of day-long or overnight camping expeditions. Here is something for everyone`s taste, whitewater rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed, mountaineering and other activities that you can try. Our experienced team will always be there for you!  We are keen to share our passion with visitors through our programmes of superbly organized outdoor activities and for those who love healthy exercise and nature, finding joy in peaceful resting in mountains, to those always ready to experience adrenalin and challanges, which this part of Montenegro offers.

Our accommodation units offer unique views of the surrounding mountains and the river. Ethno village and camp Grab has charming open-air terraces where you can relax as well as a sandy beach along the river enabling you to enjoy nature to the full while bathing in it’s crystal clear river water. Traditional Montenegrin cuisine you can taste in our restaurant as an integral part of our offer, with organic food produced in our immediate surroundings.

Our goal is to provide you to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience adrenaline, in your maximum safety!

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