Hiking / Biking / Rafting / Canyoning

Enjoy the rich conifer forests, rural architecture, and attractive sceneries of the Northern Montenegro on natural terrain 23km long.

The prices includes:

• Accomodation: We offer accomodation in bungalows, rooms with bathrooms, tents
(tents with beds, sheets, or sleeping bags)
• Food: Local specialities. All meals are served as Sweden table.

The programme:

Day 1

• Arrival at the Grab Camp, accomodation
• Dinner
• Free time, relaxing and listening to music on wooden teraces above the river

Day 2
• Breakfast at the Grab Camp
• Biking tour: The trail Crkvicko polje.  On our trip we will make pauses for lunch, observing and enjoying
panoramic views of the mountains arround.The level of this trail is „easy“ and is
attractive for all categories of users.
• Dinner at the Grab Camp
• Free evening to rest and have a good time with companions.
• Overnight stay

Day 3
• Breakfast at the Grab Camp
• Rafting: One day rafting Brstanovica-the Grab Camp-Scepan Polje
• After breakfast we are preparing for rafting; we provide to the guests the best rafting
equpment (neoprene suits, special shoes, safety belts, helmets).
• Transport by terrain vehicles to Brstanovica, the starting point of the rafting • Rafting starts, we
continue the rafting on exciting waterfalls and rapids to Scepan Polje.
• Return to the Grab Camp, changing clothes, lunch.
• Free time
• The camp is above the river; you can swim, go fishing, walk on the great paths
around the camp, rent a hydro speed, mountain bike and many other things, make
your first mount-climbing steps on a natural cliffs, etc…
• Dinner • Overnight stay

Day 4
• Breakfast at the Grab Camp
• Hiking: Grab Camp- Zagradje. Visitors may choose to start the hiking tour from
the Grab Camp or to use the transport to a cross border from where they can hike to
the Zagradje monastery. Enjoy the panoramic view of the mouth of the river Piva and
Tara in a beautiful area of Crkvicko Polje. On our hike trip we will pass through the
massifs of Durmitor and Maglic, visit churches and monasteries, come to the spring
of Grab and meet rich and various flora and fauna of this area.
• Dinner at the Grab Camp.
• Free night to rest and having a good time with companions.

Day 5
• Breakfast
• Canyoning:Passing through the Nevidio Canyon. Passing through the canyon is
possible in July and August.Conquer the misterious canyon Nevidio, the last
conquered canyon in Europe! This canyon with its significient name (’never seen’) is
3 km long, it’s got great fall and many waterfalls, whirlpools and passings which are
sometimes only half of one meter wide.The height of its cliffs where at the bottom
flows the Komarnica River reaches 400 m .
• The canyon is going to be passed with the help of professional and experienced
guides and also with the use of top diving-mountain climbing equipment.
• Lunch after leaving the canyon around 16 o’clock.
• Returning to the Grab Camp and having dinner.
• Overnight stay.

Day 6
• Breakfast
• Rest in the camp, activities as guests wish
• Lunch
• Leaving in the afternoon hours or after breakfast

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Quick Info

  • Duration 6 days