Tour around Durmitor mountain

  •  Tour start from GRAB ethno village and camp at 10h
  •  GRAB ethno village and camp 500 m
  •  Crkvicko Field 110 m, panoramic view of Tara canyon
  •  Borje 1418 m
  •  Nikovici 1365 m mountain village and panoramic view of mouth of river Susica in to
  •  Nedajno 1439 m village on the edge of Susica canyon, unforgettable view of Durmitor mountain
  •  Coming down in Susica canyon and Susica lake 100 m
  •  Village of little Montenegro between two canyons Susica and Tara 1500 m
  •  Great Stuoc highest point between Tara canyon 2104 m
  •  Zabljak mountain , town and famous tourist resort 1420 m
  •  Virak village and peak Stozina 1905 m, reaching Sedlo 1908 m, panoramic view on
    Modro lake, Valovito lake, sedlece grede etc…
  •  We continue over Todor valley which is under the most beautiful peak of Durmitor,
    Prutas 2300 m
  •  We crossing again in Piva mountain cattle village Pisce 1390 m and Trsa 1450 m
  •  In Trsa we can decide the way of our return to GRAB ethno village and camp. We can use asphalt road alongside Piva lake or once again over Nikovic and Crkvicko field
  •  During tour lunch in mountain ambience with domestic specialities made on the ground
  •  Length of tour is 126 km, duration of tour is to the late evening hours which will dependon our breaks for camera shooting and photo safari

Price does not contain 1.00eur per day stay tax and 1.00 per day insurance tax.
Minimum number of passengers 4
Conditions for payment: mortar 30% straightway, the rest till program is realize

Quick Info

  • Duration From 10:00 till late evening
  • Location Durmitor mountain
  • Price €100