It takes about 8 hours, in a length of 110 km

  • GRAB ethno village and camp – Starting point
  • ČOLOVA GREDA 1062 m Panoramic view of Piva, Tara and Drina canyon
  • CRKVIČKO FIELD 1110 m Passing through the village Crkvicko field and coming to a rural house 1302 m
  • The walk to the viewpoint from which you can see canyon of Piva 1400 m. Back to the rural house, a short break and the ability to taste and purchase local products
  • Continued tours to BOROVA GLAVA 1418 m offering a panoramic view to the deepest part of the canyon Tara and Durmitor mountain. Through pine forest to the Borova glava. Hike to the view point Borova glava and gazing panoramas
  • Through the mountain village NEDAJNO. View of the CANYON SUSICA 1480 m and nearby peaks of DURMITOR mountain
  • Canyon SUŠICA and DURMITOR mountain observing panorama
  •  Continuation to TRSA. Coffee break on the Trsa
  •  From Pisce to the intersection with village BORICJE. The panoramic view of the plateau and peaks BIOC, and VOLUJAK. From Pisce to the village Boricje 1200 m.
  •  The journey continues with short breaks for shooting KATUN
  • DUBLJEVICI 1400 m overlooking the CANYON KOMARNICA. To the ĐATLO BRIDGE, and ethno village IZLAZAK
  • Lunch and rest in ethno village Izlazak, overlooking the canyon Komarnica. After lunch, return to GRAB ethno village and camp over RUDINICE
  • Arrival in camp GRAB ethno village and camp

Quick Info

  • Duration 8 hours
  • Location Piva, Tara, Susica and Komarnica canyon
  • Price €85