E-bike Ring around the Piva Mountain

Embark on a breathtaking circular panoramic tour along the mountain paths and trails of Piva Mountain. Ride through charming villages and witness some of the most stunning views of the Tara River Canyon, Piva River Canyon, and Piva Lake.

On this tour, visits to rural households are one of the highlights, offering not only the opportunity to meet the locals and learn about their way of life in this area but also to indulge in local specialties and taste the authentic cuisine of the region. Along the way, viewpoints leading to the cliffs and highest points of these three canyons, accessible by e-bike, offer the most magnificent vistas across the entire Piva Mountain. From these points, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of Durmitor National Park and its highest peaks, often adorned with snow until late in the summer months. These views add to the allure of this tour, making it a truly remarkable adventure.

This tour is intended for experienced cyclists.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Length of tour: 80 km
  • Maximum altitude: 1550 m
  • Minimum altitude: 498 m
  • Total ascent: 2302 m
  • Total descent: 2304 mProgram Includes:
  • Guide
  • E-bike
  • Equipment
  • Lunch package
  • Visit to a rural household
  • Auto logistics if neededPrice per person:

    For groups of less than 4 people:
    • € 150.00 for the entire tour

    For groups of more than 4 persons:

    • €120.00 for the entire tour

Quick Info

  • price € 150
  • duration one day